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Sylvia Murphy

Sylvia Murphy was born in Idabel, just a short distance South of Broken Bow, and has been spending time in cabins around the area since she was a little girl. Every year her family would rent local cabins as part of an annual family reunion. Sylvia has many great memories of times spent in cabins, and she wants to help others create their own memories in the cabins of Broken Bow.

Sylvia is a natural-born salesperson. When she was in the 3rd grade, Sylvia's teacher asked the class to sell greeting cards. Sylvia sold more cards than anyone else in the class, and her teacher told her that she was a great salesperson. It was at that moment that Sylvia decided that she liked to sell things. She's sold everything from lipstick, to airplanes, house boats, insurance and cabins. She put 3 of her children through college by taking part in the direct sales business.

Sylvia knows just about everything there is to know about the Broken Bow/Hochatown area. She has generations of family that have lived in the area, and currently has 15 family members who own businesses in the area. She has relationships with most everyone, which makes her a tremendously knowledgeable resource.

What Sylvia enjoys the most about her job as a realtor in Broken Bow is being able to help people find an investment in a cabin or lot. She takes clients on a tour of the area and spends time with them to understand what it is that they are looking for. She takes pride in her job and loves to share the joys of the area with visitors — taking them on the lake, down the river, on tours of wineries or to a local restaurant where she has a favorite dish on every menu.

When she's not working, Sylvia likes to spend her time with her granddaughter and two grandsons, horseback riding, floating the river and riding around in her Jeep with the top down.

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